Single Family Housing

Tri-County's Single Family Housing Department provides:

  • Low interest loans for the repair of distressed properties
  • Increased independence and well-being of disabled, low-income or elderly individuals
  • Construction expertise for families in building a new home or repairing an existing home.
  • Down-Payment/Closing-Cost Assistance for families needing additional funds
  • Education for families on the importance of good credit and budgeting and the homebuying process

In order for participation in Single Family Programs, applicants must fall in the 80% and below of area median income. The interest rate is based on your income.

Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation Program

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The Owner Occupied Program is a rehabilitation loan program for applicants that have owned and occupied their residence for more than 1 year. Interest rates range from 1% to 4%, depending upon household income, with the term of the loan dependent on repayment ability. A special program for the elderly exists, as well, with loans at 1% interest, with payments that will fit their budget.

This program is among Tri-County's most successful and rewarding. It is designed to help individuals repair or update the existing structure of their home, with safety and health being a priority.

TCHCDC has completed over 780 rehabilitation and home ownership projects with over $9 million total loans provided.

The Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation Program was the original program for Tri-County.

Build It, Own It Program

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This allows the borrower to build a brand NEW contractor built  home and requires as little as 200 hours of “sweat equity” by the homeowner.  Applicants must be eligible to receive permanent funding.  Loans can be used for lot purchase, site preparations, building materials, utility service fees, contractors, appliances, landscaping, fencing and closing costs.

TCHCDC works for you to oversee and coordinate the loan process as well as the construction of the home.  A variety of floor plans are available and are designed with energy efficiency elements.  Construction will take approximately 4 months.

Self-Help Rehab Program

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Buy an older home, save money-build equity by doing your own repairs!

Items such as electrical, plumbing and heating will be performed by a licensed contractor, but you can do the balance of the work yourself! We provide an experienced carpenter to coordinate the work items needed and teach you how to do the work. TCHCDC will furnish the tools.

Homes that would be acceptable in this program can be located in a variety of ways. TCHCDC may locate homes through sources, such as realtors and local governments, or families could locate their own home and apply for participation at our office.

In either instance, the home would go through an inspection performed by TCHCDC Construction Staff. Items such as foundation, structure, electrical and plumbing would be a primary concern. An estimate for subcontractor required repairs and materials that the families could install would be made.

TCHCDC will coordinate all subcontractor bids, material orders and payments for all approved costs, which will be disbursed from your loans funds. Construction techniques will be supervised by our experience construction supervisor. Construction will be coordinated by the Construction Supervisor to insure quality workmanship in a timely manner.

The financing for the purchase of your home can be as low as 1% interest, financing for the repairs and material will be provided by Tri-County Housing at an interest rate as low as 2%, based on income.

Home Buyer Education Program

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Home Ownership Education is given monthly in a group setting. Classes are free and open to the public.

The length of the classes are 4 hrs.

Items covered include:

  • How to read your credit report
  • Budgeting for success
  • How to qualify for a home loan
  • Tips on working with lenders and realtors
  • Loan documents and real estate contracts

These classes are required by CHFA, Rural Development, and TCHCDC.

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Credit Education Program

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A skilled staff person will provide individualized counseling that is tailored to each family’s unique situation and needs.  We will provide you the tools and education to help you better understand your credit.

Foreclosure Program

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Our trained staff will assist homeowners who may be having problems making their mortgage payments or are already behind.  We provide the resources needed to get things back on track through free advice and support .  We also assist in working with lenders to get the homeowners current and help them stay that way!

Down-Payment/Closing-Cost Assistance Program

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Tri-County offers assistance for 50% of closing fees up to $3000.

Interest rates range from 2% to 5%. Payments are deferred for a period of 5 years.

The Down-Payment/Closing-Cost Assistance Program is a benefit to families in need of closing cost funds.

Medicaid Home Modification Program

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The Medicaid Home Modification Program includes wheelchair ramps, handicap-accessible features, and other repairs to create a more safe and convenient living environment and accomodate their disability.

Modifications are recommended by Occupational Therapists. Tri-County then coordinates the modification projects, from the bidding all the way through completion.

To apply, download and fill out the following forms (in .pdf Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.  See note in right column. format):

  1. Application
  2. Authorization
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